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Why I Am an Unfit Mother

Why I Am an Unfit Mother

Motherhood wrecked me. I remember holding my firstborn for the first time. The pure love swelling through my soul. The ferocity of it all. The challenge to love, protect, nurture and raise well  this perfect baby girl came at me colliding with my own broken self. I... read more

To No Me Is To Love Me

  Yes equals love in my world. No means rejection. Hearing no delivers a suckerpunch leaving me on the ground gasping for air, vulnerable to full attack. I’m not sure how this faulty thinking rooted itself in my life. Maybe I was born with this disposition,... read more

Shades of Grace

Maybe it’s because I’m dramatically emotional, maybe it’s because I’m slightly OCD or maybe it’s because I’m a (perfectly) recovering perfectionist. My personality desires decisions and situations to be black and white. Trouble is, we live in a shades of gray world. I... read more

Be A Bridge: Mothering From Scratch

Every mother needs the wise encouragement found in Mothering from Scratch by Melinda Means and Kathy Helgemo. This message is a bridge leading weary mothers’ straight to God’s grace. Mothering is filled with hard places. Empty places. Spots where my best mom effort... read more

{FrEe} Valentine’s Day Printable

  As a mom who take the responsibility of passing down a spiritual legacy to my four children, I am desperate for creative, engaging ways to get God’s Promises into them! That’s why I started sneaking little notes into their big backpacks. When they were itty... read more

A Space for Grace

I recently moved into a new house. A beautiful new house filled with glorious space. God moved us to the perfect place. More space than I ever asked for or dreamed of.  As a matter of fact, as we moved in I thought we would have empty rooms and empty spaces for a long... read more

When God Calls You to Say No

Heart exploding “Yes!” swiping at tears and crossing my heart, I promise God my answer to Him will always be, “yes.” He knows my heart’s desire is to love Him, serve Him, worship Him and change the world with Him. When He talks to me, I answer. Yes. Always... read more
To Hold His Hand

To Hold His Hand

When my husband and I go out to parties or fancy events, I always ask him to put my lipstick in his pocket—with my phone, wallet and keys. He carries my stuff so I can hold his hand. Because in order to hold his hand, I must first empty mine. Glasses clinking, friends... read more
The Gift

The Gift

Five years is a long time. It’s also a huge milestone in the lifetime of someone with cancer. It’s a celebration date those who’ve battled cancer look forward to celebrating. But to those who’ve lost someone from cancer, five years can feel like a lifetime. My dear... read more
He is a Present-Help

He is a Present-Help

If you are here visiting today from Kristen’s place and WeAreTHATFamily, welcome! I am so excited you’re here. I’ve been picking up and plumping pillows in anticipation of your arrival; so grab a Diet Coke and a comfy seat and visit for awhile. I... read more

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