What God and a Good Bra Have in Common

image (2)I’m not quite sure when it happened. Maybe it was being a mama of littles with a regular morning workout for so long. Or maybe it was the frequent cancer scans which require removing any clothing with metal parts. I do know the post-lumpectomy sensitive scar area running right along the bra-line sealed the deal.

The uniboob and I are inseparable.


***This is where you quit reading if you’re a dude and reading about boobs makes you uncomfortable. You’ve been warned.***



I swore it off a long time ago as a tribute to womanhood, survivorship and vanity.

But found Walmart bras too itchy, JCP bras too tight, Kohl’s bras too hot, and Target bras too stiff before I surrendered to the sports bra. Buying lingerie at Academy is nothing if not, convenient.

Until I saw my profile reflected in a mirror.

Mercy! The girls needed separation and lift. Desperately.

I did what any plus-forty-year-old gracefully aging lady would do. I declared death to the uniboob and drove myself straight to Nordstrom for a proper fitting.

And I learned 2 rules to achieve proper separation and lift:

  1. Go up one bust size so the bra touches the skin all the way around the body including the cleavage area and does not ride up on the back when arms are raised. Placing a measuring tape just under the bust at the top of the ribs and measure. Then add two inches. If you measure 34” then you are a size 36.
  2. Go up one cup size so the nipples are well covered and remain that way during movement. If you fully fit into a B, you are a size C.

I was amazed at the comfort level achieved by a properly fitting bra. My back quit aching, my shirts stopped rumpling and my girls started saluting. As I admired my new profile, it hit me.

Not everything that puts pressure on our scarred areas causes pain.

God can draw attention to our scars so He can bring healing and freedom from our past.


Scars of rejection cause isolation.

Scars of abandonment cause fear.

Scars of addiction cause self loathing.

Scars of criticism cause broken relationships.

Scars of judgment cause self doubt.

Scars of failure cause selfishness.

Scars of hurt cause bitterness.


But God.


He reminds me of His acceptance so I befriend others.

He reminds me of His presence so I offer intimacy.

He reminds me of His creation so I enforce healthy boundaries in my life.

He reminds me of His truths so I choose relationships over things.

He reminds me of His promises so I obey Him.

He reminds me of His grace so I share my story with others imparting that same grace.

He reminds me of His sacrifice so I forgive.


God loves His girls.


He separates us from sin. He lifts us from despair.

Just like a good bra, He provides amazingly comfortable support.

And He’ll even show up in the Nordstrom fitting room to prove it.




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  1. says

    :) I love how God speaks to us. I am grateful he is with me and you and others. Old wounds do need to be opened to heal.

  2. Joanna says

    Glad you were willing to go to Nordstrom with me. You did look “taller” after lunch :)

  3. says

    What a great analogy! I loved where you listed our how some of our wounds manifest in our lives. I find myself connecting with “scars of judgement cause self doubt.” The interesting thing I realized as I read through that list is I’m not sure anyone else has ever really judged me to cause self-doubt, but I have allowed the lies of Satan to judge me and his judgement caused self doubt. I’d never thought this thought before, so thank you so much for sharing and for linking up!

    • Lisa says

      Thanks For stopping by Beth & leaving kind words. Praying God “lifts” you today, girlfriend!

  4. Sarah Donegan says

    I love when someone makes me laugh and learn at the same time! :) Thank God for His reminders because heaven knows I need them. Thanks for sharing your heart!

  5. says

    Dear Lisa ~

    As a sometime poster with Holley’s ‘Coffee for Your Heart’ writing prompt, but an always reader of the community that has formed there, how could I resist a title such as yours? God shows up to us in the darndest places, doesn’t He?

    I am thankful that He brought me to your website.

    Blessings ~ Dorothy