He knows my name…and my address

11.05.14 He Knows My Name And My Address Lisa Smith

We entertain the idea of putting our current home on the market and moving into a home better equipped to house our growing (in size not in number) family this year, we ask God to guide us.

Because we believe He is sovereign over the details of our lives.  

And because we believe He is personally involved in all of them. 

He opens a door, literally. We grab His hand and walk through it with excitement.

What we don’t expect is for a brick wall to be on the other side of that door.

Or the next one.

Or the one after that.

Over the course of five weeks I grow weary. I lean on two truths we trust to guide this process. I become emotionally detached from the outcome of our offers. I choose to tighten my attachment to the God who spoke, still speaks, these truths.

Our prayer mantra remains:

We will walk forward until we can’t walk any further because

We believe You are sovereign over the details of our lives and because

We believe You are personally involved in all of them.

If you’ve ever purchased a house or been around anyone in the process, you get this. If you’re a real estate agent, you really get this.

I take my husband to look at a house I think might work for our family. I intend to light a fire under him so to list our current house now…instead of the later that feels more doable.

A few days later the seller, who from this point forward shall be called sweet-seller-lady, calls me wanting me to list her house. I go. We have this incredible appointment. We share stories of walking with the Lord and agree her house would be a great fit for my family.

I paint, pack, clean, arrange and pray my own house on the market over the next week. A friend, who from this point forward shall be called friend-with-house, finds out. She wants to buy my house. I help her paint, pack, clean, arrange and pray her house on the market over the next week.

In the mean time, sweet-seller-lady lists her home for sale with another agent assuring me our deal will still work and friend-with-house gets an offer on her house.Things are going according to plan.

So far.

We get friend-with-house’s home under contract, my current home under contract and I make a full price offer with a 45 day close on sweet-seller-lady’s house. We are ecstatic! We are mentally moving.

Sweet-seller-lady declines my almost perfect offer.


We are angry. Devastated. Confused. We fall back on our prayer mantra:

God is sovereign over the details of our lives.

And He is personally involved in all of them. 

We find another house. It’s not perfect but neither was sweet-seller-lady’s house. It doesn’t feel like the square footage advertised is correct. We independently pay an appraiser to measure the house for us. It is almost 500 square feet smaller than marketed. We base our offer on solid information:  recent sales of comparable homes and the square footage measured by an appraiser.

The seller, who shall be miniature-house-man, disputes our measurement basing his measurements on square footage including an outdoor cabana. We argue over the very definition of heated square footage area. [In case you don’t know what that is, read the words again.] The offer never gets negotiated because his price is too high and his square footage is too high. I refuse to pay for an invisible house.

Reciting the prayer mantra, we move on.

House #3 is a potential beauty that only looks ugly. It needs new paint inside and out, new floors, new cabinets, added storage, minor renovating and additions to the backyard and patio area. Amazingly, our lender calls and tells us there is a new program that allows home buyers to contract renovations, purchase a home and then commence with renovations already built into the home loan. We will have our cake and eat it too!

Thinking we have an executed contract, I celebrate all day. At bedtime I receive a text from the agent saying that some items in the contract had to be changed before the seller signed. I flip. We no longer have an agreed upon offer. Because some items changed i.e. the price!

The agent works to gather estimates for me that will save me the excess added to the price. Mean time, the lender calls with news the loan program does not work for us after all. We are actually relieved as all that renovating was beginning to give us a headache!

Still reciting the prayer mantra, we keep moving forward.

We drive to a part of town we have never considered living. We look at a house we think we could never buy. We think it is perfect. We call the agent, called The Negotiator from here forward. The Negotiator tells us we need to change some things, almost everything, about our offer; but they really appreciate our offer and really want to work with us. Score!

We spend our weekend alternating between a state of dreaming about The House and staring at our reality. We work in real estate. We have a clear picture about us, our situation. And The House.

We submit an offer anyway.

We wait.

At this point, I snicker at the irony. I have never, in my 17 years in the business, written FOUR offers on FOUR different houses that are as different as night and day for any client.

I am my own worst client. I cannot sell myself a house.

Only time will tell the truth of that ironic statement.

And we spend our only time waiting.

Sitting on pins and needles while biting our nails, waiting. We are human after all. *said with a laugh* We remind ourselves:

God is sovereign over the details of our lives.

And He is personally involved in all of them.

We stop biting our nails lest our fingers bleed.

And we see God do extraordinary miracles in our situation, on our behalf. The very thngs that need to happen actually happen. We enter real live negotiations on The House.

And we wait. And we negotiate. And we wait some more.

And that’s where we are now. We are waiting. Still. Negotiating. Still.

Still waiting.

Still negotiating.

Just waiting.

Being still.

As in silent. Peaceful. Resting in the wait. Because we know:

God is sovereign over the details of our lives.

And He is personally involved in all of them.

Even the house we look for, no matter in what part of town it now sits. Tonight we decide it is not necessarily  The House. It is merely a house. No doubt a blessing of a house; but then again, the other three would be also. Once again we detach from an outcome, a house,  and attach to a God:

Who is sovereign over the details of our lives.

And who is personally involved in all of them.

Even the number of minutes we spend waiting.

Because don’t you want to know if we get the house? Let me let you in on a little secret: So do we. We are dying over here.

But not really.

Because we believe these two truths:

God is sovereign over the details of our lives.

And He is personally involved in all of them.

And so we wait.

We recite our prayer mantra.

We rest in the wait. We rely on our faith and respond with trust in  God.

Who is sovereign over the details of our lives.

And who is personally involved in all of them.

And we wait.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because He is worth waiting for, this God.

Who is sovereign over the details of our lives.

And who is personally involved in all of them.

Every single last one of them.

Even the perfect house in a part of town we never really wanted to live.

…And he decided exactly when and where they should live. Acts 17:26b

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    • Lisa says

      He is in control and He cares. Praying for you daily as you are close to my heart and on my mind constantly, even though I’ve not been online recently. xoxo

  1. says

    I was just about to text you today to get an update on the house situation! I love how God has transformed your mind in this process and I am praying for peace in the waiting and for an ABUNDANCE of blessings heaped upon your family!

    • Lisa says

      Thanks Jen! I am really looking forward to a weekend NOT looking for ahouse…even if we don’t have one yet! 🙂

    • Lisa says

      Glenda, not as much as I look forward to telling the end!! lol Can’t wait to tell you in person 🙂

  2. Jenny Duncan says

    Oooff! I hated reading this because of knowing what you’re going through, but I’m also so glad to know what’s going on since I’m so bad about communicating with my old friends. Bravo to you Lisa, for posting your faith in the uncertainty, without waiting for the nice, neat, logical outcome to reveal itself. You know I’ve been in limbo in some ways for, oh, 6+ years…and I confess I don’t always talk about it as a testimony, because somehow I figure that folks want to hear more about how God Delivered Me…rather than how He Is Sustaining Me in the Messy Stuff. Know what I mean? (I know you do.) Love you, and will pray for your sustainance too. – Jenny