In Dependence Day(s)

“Mom, if God knows best, why does He let us mess up?”

I’ve often wondered the same. Why does God let me make mistakes. A perfect life would be so, so… perfect. How I’ve dreamt of being that girl.

The one who walks so closely with her Jesus she never messes up. Never makes messes. Has a wonderful marriage. Homey, beautiful, full of people and peace home. Lucrative, fun career that impacts others with its ministry and generosity. Mature kids who win honors and don’t embarrass themselves or her publicly. You know, the girl who has it all and can eat anything and stay a size 6.

Because that’s what my idea of perfect is. Perfect I can see.

Thankfully, God has a better idea of perfect. It’s based on instruction of what perfect is, or rather Who He is. And it revolves around giving each one the FREE choice to choose Perfect. Because without the freedom to choose Perfect, we would never grow to appreciate the Perfect we’ve been freely given.

Choosing to live independent of sin and in dependence on Christ is the perfect choice.

Christ has set us free to live a free life. Galatians 5:1