Lisa’s Cancer Story

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Wear It Out
Giving Your Faith Some Flair


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hands raisedHi, My name is Lisa and I have cancer.

It wasn’t so long ago I wrote those words.  Announcing to the world my rare and aggressive diagnosis. Accepting (however unenthusiastically) an invitation to the pink ribbon club. Or the sunflower sorority.

The crazy thing. The day before the diagnosis, I ran 12 miles. Too healthy to have cancer. Or so I thought. Training to run a marathon before 40 became living to see 40.

Although my oncologist, Dr. Ravi at MD Anderson, calls me his “healthiest cancer patient ever.” God showed me the cancer inside my body was indicative of my physical, spiritual and emotional health. Beautiful and strong on the outside. Sick and poisonous on the inside. Hurt. Pain. Disease. All hidden.

Seeing cancer as an invitation to know my Jesus more, I had no idea the glory of being carried nor the darkness of being known. Little did I know cancer was only the beginning. Certainly not the end.

Even though science tried to convince otherwise.

My diagnosis. High grade pleomorphic breast sarcoma. A rare and aggressive cancer. According to Johns Hopkins, less than 1% of breast cancer patients have breast sarcoma and less than 5% of sarcoma patients have primary breast sarcoma. The American Cancer Society gives sarcoma patients a 50% chance of survival. So do my doctors.

But God.

He raises survival rates.

Beats the odds.

And He used you to do it for me.

You pulled me through. Your prayers saved me. God saved me to show each and every one of us He is good. All the time.

Sarcoma is scary. Insurance is stupid. But you, bloggy friends, are amazing! You set up a prayer wall on Facebook and prayed for me around the clock. You live as far away as Australia and as close as around the corner. You hug this familiar face in Walmart and at writers’ conferences. You email, call and fax stalled insurance carriers like mad. You cook meals, clean houses and leave gifts. You call local newspapers, politicians and prayer chains to help a sick mommy of four littles because cancer.

And God.

His invitation to intimacy brought me to a place much deeper than survival.

He took me from survival to revival!

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